gertrude x canopy collections

Pourquoi London is presented in a space which is an antithesis to the white cube. Rather than being displayed in visual isolation against plain white walls, the artworks are placed into conversation with the history of the building and by extension, the historical context of London more broadly.

Pourquoi London is not just an exhibition, it is an exploration of the evolving language of art and an invitation to engage with the narratives that resonate with contemporary living artists. The London art scene has faced significant challenges in recent years and the impact of various global crises has been strongly felt by artists and galleries alike. The city increasingly needs to defend its place in the global art world, and the artists exhibited here help to highlight what it means to be an artist working in London today.

The exhibition is curated by Will Jarvis (CEO of Gertrude) and Louise Chignac (co-founder of Canopy Collections). It will feature over thirty artists including Francesca Anfossi, Anna Blom, Bokani, Richard J. Butler, Thomas Cameron, Helen Clarke, William Cobbing, Lara Davies, James Dearlove, Juliet Ferguson Rose, Abi Freckleton, Iris Garagnoux, Harriet Gillett, Emmet Kierans, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Jon Kipps, Hannah Knox, Sarah Lederman, Ranny Macdonald, Dominic Myatt, Tamsin Nagel, Jack Otway, Rebecca Parkin, Sarah Poots, Emerson Pullman, Leon Scott-Engel, William Stein, Emma Tod, Ian Whittlesea, Kate Williams, Aethan Wills and Salomé Wu.

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